3020 Scenic Avenue      Lake Milton, Ohio 44401 330.654.9181      info@myrddinwine.com

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Come visit us!

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Welcome to Myrddin Winery!

We are so glad to have you visit us!

A quick overview:

Myrddin Winery offers a tasting and sales room beautifully overlooking Lake Milton.  We have comfortable interior seating for you to sit and relax and enjoy the wines that we have made for you.  When you arrive, we greet you at our tasting bar from which you may order a wine that you know you like or ask to taste through our selection of wines to find one that you like.  We encourage you to select something from our food menu after you have made your wine selection to help ensure that your food enhances your wine experience.

We are here to assist you in any way that we can.

We are particularly happy to help you learn about our wines or wine in general.  We make all of our own wines and try to use fruit that is grown as close to us as is possible.

Come and stay with us for a bit or coma and buy wine to take with you.  Either way, you are always welcome at Myrddin Winery!

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